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E-Center Seminar to Enhance Workforce Skills

Want to rejoin the workforce, advance at work, or add to your computer skills? Knowing Microsoft™ Word may be a key to accomplish that goal, and the E-Center can help. A 4-session Seminar: Basics of Microsoft™ Word will be presented beginning February 27, and continue on March 1, 6, and 8. Each morning session will run from 8:00 to 12:00 in the Fischer Building in Phillipsburg. A fee of $25 for all 4 sessions will be charged.

Microsoft™ Word is the primary word processing program used by businesses for written communications. Letters, contracts, memos, emails, and documents of all kinds are Word based, and knowing Word is an essential skill for many jobs. Through the 4 sessions, seminar participants will learn Word basics and many of its features. The seminar includes managing email contacts and scheduling an electronic calendar. This Seminar is designed for those with typing or keyboard skills and who want to learn or review the basics of Microsoft™ Word to enhance their employability.

Cindy Hall, a member of the American Society for Training & Development, will present the seminar. Her career includes working in a variety of training settings for Homeland Security, OCTO, Department of Defense, the VA, and multinational corporations. Ms. Hall has developed this seminar to focus on the basics of word processing, and will provide classroom materials.

The mission of the E-Center is to encourage, support, and assist small business. Developing a skilled workforce for small business is part of that mission. “We want to help employees develop needed computer skills, and employers have knowledgeable pool of employees. This seminar will help create both,” said Morris Engle, Executive Director of the E-Center.

For more information or to enroll in Basics of Microsoft™ Word, please contact Morris Engle: or call 785-540-4110.

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