Phillips County Commissioners Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2019


The Monday, May 6, 2019 County Commissioners meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m., by Chairman Greving with the three Commissioners and the County Clerk attending.

The minutes of the April 29, 2019 County Commissioners meeting were read. Several corrections were made. The motion was made by Larry Meili to approve the minutes as corrected. Max Dibble seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Motion carried 3-0.

Rick Capps joined the meeting.

Linda McDowell shared an e-mail she had received from Jerol DeBoer about changes on the CDBG #18-PF-025 on FAS #140. The total overrun for the project will be around $20,800 with the previous structural steel change order. The total dollar amount of the project will end up being around $179,000(bid amount was $158,552). With the overrun of the patching quantities more time has been needed to complete the work. Jerol is allowing L&M Contractors Inc. an additional 6 days to complete the project giving them until May 17th. The cost of the project is still below the CDBG funded amount.

Commissioner Meili said he had driven E Cozy Cove Rd from Hwy 183 to the Bow Creek Bridge. He commented that the grader operator had done a good job and that it looked good. A concrete bridge on E 1300 Rd and a washout on W 1500 Road in Beaver Township were discussed.

Bob McCreery joined the meeting and asked the Commissioners if they had ever considered using jersey barriers (concrete barriers) in place of guard rail. He commented that a plus to using them would be that they would go up quickly. On E 300 Rd south of Hwy 36 on the Solomon River, the guard rail on the NE is off the post and needs a new section on the end. There is a washout on E 200 Road south of Hwy 36 on the east side. Bob thanked Rick for working on the channels on E 200 Road north of Thunder Road.

Brenda Chance and Rex Walk joined the meeting. Brenda told the Commissioners that Phillips County Health Systems is applying to the Kansas Department of Commerce Kansas Community Service Tax Credit program for $250,000 of tax credits to raise funds for the purchase of a new 64 slice computed tomography (CT) scanner with dual-energy x-ray absorption (DEXA) exam capabilities and a rebuilt ultrasound system for the PCHS radiology department. Currently, the Radiology Department has a 10 year old, 16 slice CT which has no ability to perform DEXA exams. Ultrasound exams are only available at PCHS 3 days a week now but with the addition of the rebuilt ultrasound system, exams can be provided as needed. Brenda and Rex were asking for a letter of support from the Commissioners to send in with the application. The motion was made by Max Dibble to sign a letter of support for the endeavors of PCHS to apply for tax credits. Larry Meili seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Motion carried 3-0.

Mr. Walk also gave the Commissioners a spread sheet showing March 2019 Statistics – 12 Month (Revised).

Kevin McDowell stopped by to ask the Commissioners about mowing the tower area south of Kirwin again this year. The motion was made by Max Dibble to have Kevin McDowell mow the area around the NOAA tower as done in previous years. Larry Meili seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Motion carried 3-0. He will ask Gary Kempt to spray around the tower legs.

Tom Sullivan, Randy Dick and Derek Dick, Kaw Valley Insurance, met with the Commissioners to discuss changes to the Application/Schedule to Excess Loss Policy. Concerns were raised that the contents of the agreement were not the same as when Randy met with the Commissioners December 17, 2018. Tom suggested scheduling a conference call with Randy, Corporate Plan Management and himself to try to resolve these differences.

Pete Rogers told the Commissioners that there are numerous records at the health department that need to be destroyed and asked if they could hire a high school student this summer to shred. It was the consensus of the Commissioners they would rather have them shredded professionally because of HIPPA regulations.

Sheriff Radabaugh gave the Commissioners a copy of the letter and spread sheet he is presenting to the Phillipsburg City Council concerning law enforcement costs and coverage. Charlie and Max will be attending the meeting to be held tonight, May 6th.

Purchase orders and checks for weekly expenses were signed.

With no further business to discuss, at 12:50 p.m., the motion was made by Larry Meili to adjourn, subject to call. Max Dibble seconded the motion. Discussion followed. Motion carried 3-0.