Encore Living Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2017

Purpose Statement: Improving the quality of life in Phillips County Kansas with an emphasis on those 50 years and older.


Roll Call: Chairman Harlan Nonhof called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the West View meeting room. Members present: Cheryl Hall, secretary; Wes Hall; Derek Kats; Betty Murphy; Lou Plummer; and Ruth Winters.


Addititons to the Agenda: Derek requested to add Non-Active Members (New Business, Item C)

Visitors: Mrs. Robin Sides

Minutes: The July 28th minutes were read aloud. Two minor changes were requested. Ruth moved and Betty gave the second for the minutes to be approved with two changes. All approved.

Correspondence: None


New Business

A. Report on August 17 meeting with The Center: Several issues were discussed. Harlan mentioned the need to get a box for Free Will Donations for game nights. Wes stated that the trend for the future of senior centers appears to be moving to the development of intergenerational groups that would include programs for both youth and seniors. Discussion included having an after-school program. Concerns included finding volunteers, proper supervision, and how students would be transported to the Center.

Harlan felt these ideas were worth investigating more. Wes was asked to create a survey to see what interests and programs people would be willing to come to. One concern about the survey was how to distribute and collect it. For game night Vicky suggested we have one hour of bingo only, from 6 pm to 7 pm. Nothing was decided yet. For our next meeting with the Senior Center, Harlan suggested we request to meet with them monthly at the end of the board meeting. We also want to discuss Operation Red File and donations at that meeting.


B. Veterans Interviews - Mrs. Robin Sides: Harlan reviewed with Mrs. Sides the intent of the Veterans articles and asked if she would be willing to offer writing about veterans as a class project. Mrs. Sides stated that she has a Profile Project as a part of her Senior English Composition class that is also for College Credit. She felt our project would work well for them. We will provide a list of veterans as soon as possible. It was decided the project timeline would be all year. Mrs. Sides said she would also like to have a reception where students would read their papers aloud at a place such as Huck Boyd.


C. Non-Active Members: We discussed drafting a letter to members who have not been attending meetings to affirm our missing them, our need for their input, and their desire to be a part of the committee. Cheryl will draft the letter.


There was some discussion about changing our meeting times because of conflict on Friday evenings.  Derek moved and Ruth seconded that we table the discussion until our September 29th meeting. All agreed. Ruth stated she may not be able to attend the September meeting. It was suggested that we also schedule a day in October for our walking activity. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Hall, Secretary